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EcoGuano - The Best Natural Fertelizer

What is EcoGuano? The EcoGuano are the excrement of bats. Bat Guano has been known and used as natural fertilizer ever since. Where its use constitutes one of the landmarks of agriculture, natural and biological. It is rich in nutrients and microorganisms with high levels of organic matter, does not damage soils, or groundwater, it is odorless, and its handling is completely safe. This super organic manure improves taste, quality and productivity. In its structural composition are present: Nitrogen; Phosphor; Potassium; responsible for the growth, development of the root, the flower and the fruit, while the Potassium promotes the general health of the plant. Also counts with Magnesium; Calcium, iron, zinc; Cobalt, and Boro among others, all of them necessary. Its use will enrich and regenerate soils, improving their texture and drainage, facilitates the detoxification process of the soil and the decomposition of organic matter, functioning as a fertilizer and soil corrective. EcoGuano - The Best Natural Fertelizer Their overuse does not pose a threat to soils, their presence in excess allows the soil to absorb a larger amount of microorganisms, which progressively regenerate and become richer in nutrients. Guano only releases minerals gradually, so you never run the risk of burning the roots of plants.

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